Among the many other publications offered by the Museum of American Glass in WV are a collection of reference works on DVD, allowing us to provide hundreds of scanned pages from catalogs in a convenient and inexpensive format. The scanned images are in PDF format, which requires Adobe Acrobat Reader (or another comparable program) and are viewable only on a computer.

Bartlett-Collins Company Catalogs, 1928-1978

This DVD is an unparalleled resource for collectors of glassware manufacturing by the Bartlett-Collins Company. It contains scanned images in PDF format of 28 full catalogs and 8 price lists — a total of 1,329 pages of information on one DVD. Included on this DVD are:

  • Catalog “M” (1928)
  • Catalog “P” (ca. 1931)
  • Catalog “S” (October 1938) with price list
  • Catalog “W” (January 1943)
  • Decorated Glassware: Catalog “Y” (June 1948) with price list
  • Catalog “Z” (July 1948) with price list
  • Crystal Glassware: Catalog “51” (April 1951) with price list
  • Illustrating Decorated Glassware: 1952
  • 1955 Catalog Illustrating Decorated Glassware
  • 1956 Catalog Illustrating Decorated Glassware
  • Crystal Glassware: Catalog “57” (January 1957)
  • 1957 Catalog Illustrating Decorated Glassware
  • 1958 Catalog Illustrating Decorated Glassware
  • Crystal Glassware: Catalog “59” (January 1959)
  • 1959 Catalog Illustrating Decorated Glassware
  • 1960 Catalog Illustrating Decorated Glassware
  • Catalog of 1961 Decorated Glassware
  • Catalog of 1962 Decorated Glassware
  • Crystal Glassware: Catalog “63” (January 1, 1963)
  • 1964 Decorated Glassware Catalog
  • Crystal Glassware: Catalog “65” (January 1, 1965)
  • 1965 Decorated Glassware Catalog
  • Crystal Glassware: Catalog “66” (January 1, 1966)
  • Decorated Glassware Catalog 1966
  • Crystal Glassware: Catalog “68” (January 1, 1968)
  • Decorated Glassware Catalog 1968
  • 1971 Catalog
  • Catalog ’78
  • Plus various miscellaneous catalog pages and brochures!

$20.00 (non-member) / $16.00 (member)

Center Handle Servers and Bowls, Caddies, Castors, and Double Salts

Written by Inez J. Austin

This exceptional reference identifies and illustrates thousands of center handle serving pieces in large clear photographs with close-ups of the handles to help in differentiating between similar items. Over 1,800 photographs and 300 catalog pages and advertisements provide information on pieces manufactured by more than 180 American and European companies, ranging from the nineteenth century to the late twentieth century. Arranged by general characteristics and shape of each handle, this huge compilation allows for easy identification and comparison of similar handles — an essential resource for collectors of all types of glassware from early pattern glass through Depression era (both machine-made and elegant) to mid-century modern.

$19.95 (non-member) / $15.95 (member)

Dithridge & Company: Fort Pitt Glass Works, Pittsburgh, Pa

This is a scanned copy of the original catalog, circa 1889, from WVMAG’s archives on DVD. The images are in jpeg and tiff formats and can be viewed on any computer. The catalog consists of 21 pages, 13 of which are in color. Included are shades, lamps, other lighting goods, caster sets, and syrup pitchers, with many of the items illustrated having hand decorations. Also available as a printed copy for $14.00 in our monograph series.

DVD: $19.95 (non-member) / $15.95 (member)

Federal Glass Company Catalogs, 1950-1970

This exceptional research tool contains scanned images of 38 full catalogs and 10 price lists — a total of 1,015 pages of information on one CD featuring the products of the Federal Glass Company during the mid-century years. Thousands of pieces are illustrated, including such patterns as Park Avenue, Heritage, Pioneer, Petal, Yorktown, Celestial, and dozens more, plus tumblers, snack sets, kitchenware, punch bowls, and much, much more. Federal also made a specialty of decorated tumblers, pitchers, and gift sets. Included on this CD are:

  • 1950 catalog & price list
  • 1951 catalog
  • 1951 decorated catalog & price list
  • 1952 catalog
  • 1952 decorated catalog
  • 1953 decorated catalog
  • 1954 catalog
  • 1954 decorated catalog
  • 1955 decorated catalog & price list
  • 1956 catalog & price list
  • 1956 decorated catalog
  • 1957 decorated catalog
  • 1958 catalog
  • 1959 catalog & price list
  • 1959 decorated catalog & price list
  • 1961 decorated catalog
  • 1962 catalog
  • 1963 decorated catalog
  • 1963 service catalog
  • 1964 catalog & price list
  • 1964 decorated catalog & price list
  • 1964 service catalog
  • 1965 catalog
  • 1965 decorated catalog & price list
  • 1965 service catalog
  • 1966 catalog
  • 1966 decorated catalog
  • 1966 service catalog
  • 1967 catalog
  • 1967 decorated catalog & price list
  • 1967 service catalog & price list
  • 1968 catalog
  • 1968 service catalog
  • 1968-1969 prestige catalog
  • 1969 catalog
  • 1969 service catalog
  • 1969-1970 prestige catalog

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Fostoria American, 1915-1985 / Colony Glassware-Indiana Glass Company American Whitehall, 1967-1972: Catalog Pages and Advertisements

This DVD presents a compilation of catalog pages and advertisements from trade journals and popular magazines for the American pattern and its look-alikes. Included are 221 Fostoria catalog pages and 60 pages from Colony/Indiana catalogs, as well as 69 advertisements, drawn from the archives of the Museum of American Glass. These primary resources are highly valuable for charting introduction of individual pieces, as well as color production — and an opportunity to compare the American pattern with American Whitehall.

$20.00 (non-member) / $16.00 (member)

Glass Collectors Digest Index: 1987-2001

This is a PDF version of our Monograph No. 85 in the glass study series of the Museum of American Glass in West Virginia, Ltd., available on CD. The Glass Collectors Digest was one of the most influential and valuable periodical resources available to glass collectors over its fifteen year run. For those fortunate enough to have copies of this magazine or access to it through a library, it has been a never-ending fount of information not available elsewhere — but has also been a difficult resource to fully utilize due to the lack of a comprehensive index. Using this index, researchers will now be able to locate and access every article, every photograph, and even all of the advertisements appearing in the journal. The authors represented are a who’s who of the glass community, including Bill & Louise Boggess, Neila & Tom Bredehoft, Frank Chiarenza, Eason Eige, Tom Felt, Frank M. Fenton, Jerry Gallagher, William Heacock, Marg Iwen, Lorraine Kovar, Milbra A. Long, James S. Measell, Betty Newbound, D. Thomas O’Connor, Leslie Pina, Albert Christian Revi, Dean Six, Glen & Stephen Thistlewood, Robert Truitt, William P. Walker, Roserita Ziegler, and hundreds of others. The range of topics covered is equally astounding. This huge index is your chance to make full use of this remarkable resource. Even if you don’t have access to the original magazines, many libraries (including the one at MAG in WV) can make copies of desired articles at a reasonable cost. This PDF version is makes it even easier to find the information you are looking for by using word search. Compiled by Shirley Smith. This CD contains 110 pages in PDF format.

$12.00 (non-members) / $8.00 (members)

Glass Hen on Nest Covered Dishes: Identification & Value Guide, Second Edition

by Shirley Smith

This massive new edition of Shirley Smith’s definitive work on covered hen dishes is so large that it is being released in PDF format on a DVD. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the book, but gives the user the added advantage of being able to do a word search on the entire contents. The book is 464 pages and contains 2,493 illustrations. Manufacturers and distributers of the glass hen covered dishes, 60 in all, are listed alphabetically in two separate sections: 34 American entries and 26 European. For those who prefer a printed copy, the book is also available in two volumes with a coil binding and laminated covers at $49.95.

 $20.00 (non-members) / $16.00 (members)

Italian Glass, 1915-1985

This DVD is an unparalleled resource for collectors of Italian glassware manufactured in Murano, Venice, and sold in the United States. This new edition adds 17 additional pages, not available in the previous version. Included on this DVD are selected pages showing all the Italian glass from the following importer’s catalogs:

  • Marshall Field, 1915 – 4 pages
  • Carbone, 1925 – 9 pages
  • Bibi & Company, 1950s – 8 pages
  • Jordan’s Importing Company, 1958 – 23 pages
  • Jordan’s Importing Company, early 1960s – 15 pages
  • Jordan’s Importing Company, 1967 – 35 pages
  • Lefton’s, 1967-1968 – 1 page
  • Lefton’s, 1968-1969 – 3 pages
  • Koscherak Brothers, Inc., 1969 – 4 pages
  • Mark Ross & Company, 1969 – 8 pages
  • Lugene’s, 1970 – 9 pages
  • United China & Glass Company, 1970 – 25 pages
  • United China & Glass Company, 1971 – 17 pages
  • United China & Glass Company, 1975 – 9 pages
  • United China & Glass Company, 1976 – 11 pages
  • Neuwirth Company, 1982 – 5 pages
  • Koscherak Brothers, Inc., 1985 – 5 pages
  • Super Murano (undated) – 15 pages

Also included are a selection of advertisements, 1926-1969, from Benello Brothers, Bischoff Cordials, Cappellin Glassware, Carbone, Mottahedeh, and Toscany.

This DVD contains 233 pages in PDF format. $19.95 (non-member) / $15.95 (member)

Kanawha Glass Company Catalogs, 1966-1986

This DVD is an unparalleled resource for collectors of glassware manufactured by the Kanawha Glass Company. It contains scanned images of 11 full catalogs and 1 price list — a total of 230 pages of information on one DVD. Among the many patterns and hundreds of items pictured are pieces in crackle, cased glass, Hobnail, Moon and Star, and much more. Included on this DVD are:

  • 1966 catalog
  • 1968 catalog
  • 1970 catalog, price list & order form
  • 1971 catalog
  • 1973 catalog
  • 1974 catalog
  • 1976 catalog
  • 1978 catalog
  • 1978 catalog supplement
  • 1980-1981 catalog
  • 1987 catalog

$19.95 (non-member) / $15.95 (member)

Pilgrim Cameo Glass Catalog Pages, 1986-2002

This DVD is an unparalleled resource for collectors of Pilgrim Cameo Glass designed by Kelsey Murphy. It includes 127 pages from 17 catalogs published between 1986 and 2002. Over 900 pieces of cameo glass are pictured, including carved eggs, cranberry cameo, and hundreds of the more elaborate pieces brought out during the glory years of Pilgrim’s cameo production. In addition to catalog pages, there is a copy of the 1999-2000 cameo dealer’s manual. All images are available both in jpeg and PDF formats.

$20.00 (non-members) / $16.00 (members)

Portieux Glass: 1933 Catalog

This is a scanned copy of an original catalog on CD, containing over 300 pages, many in color. This massive work fills in lots of research holes! Portieux was a major French manufacturer of pressed glass and this catalog illustrates thousands of individual items. Easy to use. This CD requires an IBM or compatible computer. The catalog pages will display as a Microsoft Power Point presentation. If you do not have Power Point, a PDF file of the catalog is also included.

$19.95 (non-member) / $15.95 (member)

Silver City Glass Company Catalogs and Advertisements, 1950s-1970s, 2nd Edition

This DVD contains scanned images of 18 full catalogs and 4 price lists, as well as 6 brochures and single catalog pages — a total of 405 pages illustrating the sterling-on-crystal and gold-on crystal overlay designs, cuttings, and other decorations offered over the years by Silver City. Included on this DVD are catalogs from the 1948, 1949, 1955-1956, 1956 Carlton Arts, 1958, 1960, 1962, 1965, and 1973, as well as several undated catalogs from the 1950s and the late 1970s. Also included are jpeg images of 55 advertisements from 1937 to 1972. As a bonus, a copy of an undated Rockwell Silver Company catalog is also included, showing the similar silver overlay designs offered by that company in the 1960s.This second edition is now by far the most complete reference source for Silver City that has ever been published.

$20.00 (non-members) / $16.00 (members)

Viking Glass Company Catalogs, 1960-1985

This DVD is an unparalleled resource for collectors of glassware manufacturing during the last 25 years of the Viking Glass Company’s existence. It contains scanned images of 22 full catalogs and 12 price lists — a total of 626 pages of information on one CD. Among the many patterns and thousands of items pictured are pieces in Epic, Yesteryear, Princess, Princess Plaza, Prelude etching, Tundra, Georgian, Janice, Diamond Thumb Print, Country Craft, Crystal Leaf, Arlington, as well as dozens of animals and figurines, smoker’s items, punch bowls, and much more. Included on this DVD are:

  • 1960 catalog
  • 1964 catalog & price list
  • 1966-1967 catalog & 2 price lists
  • 1967 supplement
  • 1968-1969 catalog & price list
  • 1969 supplement
  • 1970 catalog
  • 1971 catalog
  • 1973 catalog & price list
  • 1974 catalog
  • 1974-1975 catalog & price list
  • 1975-1976 catalog
  • 1976-1977 catalog
  • 1977-1978 catalog & price list
  • 1979-1980 catalog1961 decorated catalog
  • 1980-1981 catalog & price list
  • 1981-1982 catalog, supplement & price list
  • 1982 catalog & price list
  • 1983 supplement & price list
  • 1984-1985 catalog & price list
  • 1985 supplement
  • 1986 price list
  • 1986 Springtime blossom of profits
  • PLUS assorted flyers and brochures

$19.95 (non-member) / $15.95 (member)