Mario Cavagnis

Venice, Murano

Mario Cavagnis has been involved in the glass industry for nearly 40 years. During an epoch in Italy where it was common for children to leave school in order to work, Mario, at age 11, quit school and started to work in the glass factory of Pietro Toso. As a child he learned quickly all the fundamental and practical skills needed to work with glass. At that time in history, there were no labor laws and many apprentices were young children.

Mario later worked for several years for the renowned glass factory Barovier and Toso, as well as making his living as an independent craftsman, or working in “a lume”, making beautiful small objects such as animals, gondolas, aquariums, ET. However, he will not consider himself an “artist” and, in fact laughs at the notion. He instead claims that he is “a glass worker and someone who enjoys working with glass.”

The Museum of American Glass in West Virginia wishes to thank Mario Cavagnis for donating to The National Marble Museum. His unique designs are now part of the marble display.

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