KB Glassworks

Colbalt silver and gold foil marble
by Brown and Kitson

Vortex “Gilson Opal” marble
by Andrew Brown

Planet marble by Bryan Kitson

Planet – by Bryan Kitson

KB Glassworks consists of Andrew Brown and Bryan Kitson. The two met in 1994 at Savannah College of Art and Design. Originally interested in children’s books, they were illustration majors graduating in 1998 both with BFA’s in illustration and a minor in art history. After school Bryan moved into producing and restoring stain glass windows. Meanwhile, Andrew had moved to Albuquerque, NM and started work in a digital production lab, restoring old photographs. After a few years in Albuquerque Andrew got introduced to flameworking (winter 2002). Originally freelancing, making small body jewelry items, Andrew became addicted to lampworking and hot glass in general.

Finally, after many months of collaborative pieces Bryan moved out to Albuquerque (spring 2001). This is when it all started; Bryan brought his extensive knowledge in stain glass and infused it with what Andrew had learned behind the torch. Originally the two made small stain glass pieces that incorporated lampworking items. As time went on the two began to focus on lampworking and started experimenting in fusing, slumping, and sculptural glasswork.

At this point the two were making pendants, beads perfume jars, small vessels and marbles. It didn’t take long to realize that marbles were the preferred favorite item around the studio. With all the time that goes into making marbles the intriguing part is that it all comes down to the final seconds. While still making beads and jewelry the main passion in glass comes from the idea of the perfect sphere.

After being introduced to art glass and marbles the two draw inspiration from many artists including; Lewis Wilson, Doug Remschnieder, Paul Stankard, Victor Trubocco, Emilio Santini, Jesse Taj, as well as Paul Klee, Dali, El Greco, Duchamp, and many of the abstract Expressionists.

The Museum of American Glass in West Virginia wishes to thank KB Glassworks for donating to The National Marble Museum. His unique designs are now a glowing tribute to the marble display.
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