James H. Thingwold

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Jim Thingwold was the first glass artist to donate some examples of his art to The Marble Museum. Jim became intrigued with molten glass over the flame and began working glass in December of 1969 at Knott’s Berry Farm. His teacher and mentor was Harold J. Hacker of Buena Park, California.

While exploring the possibilities of nature’s perfect form (a sphere) Jim began to work Borosilicate (Pyrex – and NorthStar) glass into perfect little orbs.


The example above shows the use of a glass signature chip to sign his marbles. He places the signature into the marble and it is not added to the surface.
Jim currently is using a “JT” which he makes by hand.

Jim Thingwold is also known as the editor of Glass Line Magazine.
Glass Line is a must resource for the glass artisan.
Each issue contains helpful information about glass, glass workshops and glass artists.

The Museum of American Glass in West Virginia wishes to thank James H Thingwold for donating to The National Marble Museum Collection.

His unique combination of earthly tone designs are now part of the marble display at the Museum of American Glass’s National Marble Museum Collection.