Greg Hoglin

Greg Hoglin is an abstract and surrealistic painter who approaches hot glass as just another canvas, to fill with wonderful colors and designs. His free-style and creativity allows him to work each marble into miniature works of wonder.

Being an avid marble collector, he met fellow New Mexico marble collector Gerry Colman. Gerry Colman, a glass artist himself, began to introduce Greg to the craft of making glass art marbles on a torch in 1994. Gerry is a proud teacher because his student has excelled higher than all of his other students. Gerry says”Greg was my best student.” The two remain close friends.

Greg’s glasswork includes sculptures, beads and marbles. His glass art can be found in the finest glass collections throughout America.

The Museum of American Glass in West Virginia wishes to thank Greg Hoglin for donating to The National Marble Museum. His colorful abstracts are now part of the marble display.

Come see us in Weston, West Virginia.

Please take time to write him:
Greg Hoglin
209 N. 5th.
Belen, NM 87002

1- 1/4 inch scenic marble

1-13/16 inch Scenic marble,
with mountains on one side and the desert on the other.

1- 3/8 inch Flower Marble