Lady Jane Stained Glass Doll House

Barbara and Bernie Bischoff
Permanent Display

Welcome to the Lady Jane Dollhouse, a thirteen-room stained glass dollhouse, which has a five feet by seven feet footprint. Linda Young of Parrish Florida created this magnificent dollhouse for Barbara and Bernie Bischoff who were living in Chicago Illinois.

In 1996 Barbara and Bernie were attending a show in Chicago featuring miniatures, which populate doll houses. It was there that they met Linda Young, who goes by her professional name “Lady Jane”. After lengthy discussions, it was agreed that Linda would create a one-of-a-kind stained glass doll house. The only problem was figuring out the structural aspects of such a large project. The doll house has 1,1645 pieces of stained glass and the largest section weighs over 100 pounds. Nevertheless, the project was completed for Bernie and Barbara’s 50th wedding anniversary. Shirley Skiviat, Bernie and Barbara’s daughter recalls talking to her father as the project grew in size and her dad said it was like buying an automobile. Shirley then asked if he knew he was buying a Rolls Royce? He laughed and said no.

After the passing of both Bernie and Barbra the doll house was packed about in storage until Shirley graciously gifted it to MAGWV. Before the pandemic the museum held a mother/daughter spring tea, which Shirley attended and she was able to see the joy on the little girls (and boys) who would stair in awe at all of the detail, color, and fantasy that is the Lady Jane Doll House. We are so grateful for Shirley’ generosity for making this extraordinary piece of art available to the public by being a part of MAGWV.