DeVilbiss Dresser Items

Apr 24, 2023 | Museum Monday Treasures

Today’s Museum Monday treasure from the Museum of American Glass in West Virginia is a collection of DeVilbiss dresser items, all with glass known to have been made by the Cambridge Glass Company or suspected to be from Cambridge. Most of them are atomizers (known as perfumizers by DeVilbiss).

The first is a No. H-8 perfumizer in primrose with a gold and black enamel band decoration on the bottle and foot. It is made from Cambridge’s No. 206 blank. It is 6 ¾” inches high.

The second one is a No. F-16 perfumizer in ivory. It is 7” high.

Numbers 3 and 4 are a set, a No. H-5 perfumizer in crystal with a drape cutting (6 ½” high) with a matching No. DT-5 perfume dropper bottle (6 ¾” high), with the same cutting. All of these pieces are believed to be from the early 1920s.

Number 5 is also crystal with an engraving, but can be dated over a decade later. It is the No. S-100-301 perfumizer, covered by design patent D118,228 for an atomizer, filed November 2, 1939, and issued December 26, 1939. The designer is Frederic Alexandre Vuillemenot, of Toledo, Ohio, assignor to The DeVilbiss Company. It is relatively diminutive, only 4 ½” high.

The sixth photograph is a pomade jar. It is clear satin with an enameled floral design and tiny dots, with gold trim. It is 4” high, and embossed on the bottom with “DeVILBISS.” This is probably another Vuillemenot design, from around 1936, and also likely to have been made by the Cambridge Glass Company.

Finally, the last photograph is another perfumizer in crystal with a textured blue painted exterior. This is another tentative attribution to Cambridge.

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