1962 Seattle World’s Fair Tumblers

Oct 16, 2023 | Museum Monday Treasures

Today’s Museum Monday treasure from the Museum of American Glass in WV is a set of souvenir tumblers from the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair. The first one features an image of the World of Entertainment, with the Hydro-Electric Exhibit, the World of Art, and the Boulevard of the World on the other three. On the verso of each one is a description of the attraction. The original set included eight different glasses – does anyone have the missing ones that we need to complete our collection? We don’t have the Coliseum, the Monorail, the United States Science Pavilion, or the most famous of the Seattle World’s Fair buildings, the Space Needle.

As might be expected, the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair was the epitome of “modern,” and these Tom Collins glasses are definitely imbued with the sensibility that we now think of as American Mid-Century Modern. They are 6 ¾” high and 2 ¾” in diameter.

Not surprisingly there were many other glass souvenir items made for the Fair. Unfortunately, we don’t have documentation for any of them, but our set most likely is from one of the big decorating companies who specialized in souvenir ware: Gay Fad, Washington Company, or Hazel-Atlas are three possibilities.

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